What Does Your Water Do For You?


Life-Line™ Catalytic Activated Energy Water
Contains Plant Protoplasm, Trace Minerals, Vitamins and Enzymes

The following list is comprised of remarks by people who have used Life-Line water:

 • Diabetes improved to the point that medication was no longer needed.
• Pain and swelling of arthritis in hands gone after one week of Life-Line.
• Hospitalized for blood disease, excellent health six weeks later.
• Severe psoriasis healed after drinking Life-line for six months.
• Hepatitis improved after drinking Life-Line.
• Helped allergies.
• Ulcers gone within 30 days.
• Severe arthritis for 17 years, free of arthritis after drinking Life-Line for one year.
• Stomach pains gone.
• Baby never threw up again after having one teaspoon in formula.
• Athletes noted added energy, and energy is the first indication of better health.
Life-Line  Water is infused with plant protoplasm, and it not only rehydrates your  body, it helps to balance your body's metabolism.  “Protoplasm” is the  very substance of life, it is what makes up our cells and tissues, and  it is likely the most complex chemical substance that exists. It carries  out all the processes necessary for life.  It processes nutrients and  oxygen, changes food into living matter, ejects used substances, renews  its worn parts, and produces new cells.  The object of all healing is to  encourage the protoplasm to rally and recover from disease.  Poor  protoplasm is like substandard building material—it resists efforts to  purposefully mold and shape it.   It is characterized by signs of poor  circulation, excess body fat, poor musculature, sagging and fragile  skin, faulty resistance to infection, poor wound healing, prematurely  aged appearance, exercise intolerance, generalized weakness, and a lack  of vital force.

The  process for producing Life-Line water begins with cold, pure water  pulled from an ancient aquifer.  The water undergoes biological  processing and filtration, resulting in a concentrated solution  containing vitamins, catalytic co-factors (protoplasm), trace minerals  and enzymatic components.   Consumers of this water report that they  have more energy, feel better and are healthier.


The following are experiences reported by users of the Indian Herb  compound and “Life-Line™” Catalytic Activated Energy Water, many are  decades old:

In 1968, Mrs. Franke  of Texas had sugar diabetes, looked as if she was 80 years old and was  on a strict diet. A biochemist started her on Life-Line™. At first it  made her ill, so she reduced her intake to 1 ounce after each meal.  After a short time, she increased to drinking 4, 8-ounce glasses of  Life-Line™ a day. By 1971 Mrs. Franke was a completely different woman.  She had a beautiful complexion. Her family doctor checked her and told  her that no one ever got rid of diabetes – but he could find nothing to  show that she even had a trace of the illness. Mrs. Franke now drinks  Life-Line™ to prevent the illness from returning.
Mrs. Tabor of Texas had  such severe arthritis that she had to use crutches to walk because of  the pain. Within one week after using “Life-Line™” she called to say  that the pain was gone and crutches were no longer needed.

In 1985 Eddi A., of  El Paso, Texas asked what Life-Line™ would do for her Psoriasis. She  had suffered 25 years with solid sores from her knees down and could not  go to work. She started drinking Life-Line™ and bathed her legs 5 to 6  times in the product. Six months later Eddi called to say she had  regained her health. She continued drinking Life-Line™ for better than a  year, then quit. In August of 1995, she ordered 4 gallons. March of  1996, Eddi called with news from her doctor – her veins were stopped up  and needed a balloon to be run through them. After drinking Life-Line™  for 6 months, she went back to her doctor for a checkup, he told her the  veins were clear. Eddi credits Life-Line™ 100% for clearing her veins.

Mrs. Greenstreet of Texas ask what Life-Line would do for a neighbor’s  little boy who was losing 4 ounces daily. Four days later after giving  him 6 ounces of Life-Line™ daily, he stopped losing weight.

In 1970, Pattie M.  had been under a doctor’s care for 17 years with a severe case of  arthritis. The doctor gave her vitamin B-12 shots twice a week and  changed her medication every 2 or 3 months. A biochemist suggested  Life-Line™. Initially Pattie saw no change but kept taking Life-Line on a  daily basis – things changed. Her B-12 shots reduced to every two weeks  and at the end of 6 months, she did not have swelling in her joints or  hands. In 1988 she had no arthritis.

Neill M., of Denver, Colorado said he had Hepatitis while in the  hospital. He did not improve until his wife began giving him Life-Line™  on a daily basis.

Travis S., of  Amarillo, Texas called to say that his wife had suffered stomach pains  for many years. After using Life-Line™ her stomach pains were gone. They  are thrilled! Herman M., of Tennessee, was told to try “Life-Line™” for  his stomach problems, for the doctor was unable to help with  medication. The first gallon did him so much good that he ordered a  case.

A man working for large retail store had no energy, especially early in  the morning and there were many foods he could not eat. He started  Life-Line™ and in 20 days his health completely changed. Three years  later, he still drinks Life-Line™. He even drove 100 miles out of his  way to pick up a gallon of Life-Line™.

Life-Line™ was taken to Norway and given to athletes in heavy training.  The athletes had additional energy and their body pH increased to 7.

An Arizona doctor told a Wichita, Kansas lady he had found a type of  sodium (not chloride) in Life-Line™.  He said it was the greatest thing  he had found for humans. She buys Life-Line™ for herself and friends.

A therapist from Washington gave Life-Line™ to some of his clients. It  did so much good for so many different problems that he flew to Oklahoma  to visit for 3 days to meet the McDaniels Life-Line staff. The  therapist also used Life-Line™ as an enema to combat Candida and said  that it did a good job.

One man had gained considerable weight around his waist from water  retention while taking medication for ulcers. When he went on  “Life-Line™” he lost the excess weight and his ulcers. The doctors  confirmed that the medication had caused the water weight gain. One man  said Life-Line™ even helped his allergies.

Pat M. drank Life-Line™ for years. When he had a major double hernia  operation, the nurses could not believe how quickly he got up. He never  took a pain tablet and within 6 weeks, he was playing basketball and  volleyball. They could not believe he healed so quickly.

Brent M., of Texas had a 2 week old son that could not keep his formula  down. They added 1 teaspoon of Life-Line™ to the formula and the baby  stopped throwing up after the first treated bottle.
Mike R., of Albuquerque, New Mexico recently tried “Life-Line™” and  stated that he had seen results within a few days. Before Life-Line™ he  experienced muscle cramps in his legs, now is able to complete his  chores without any stiffness.

Virginia B., called from Washington to say she went to her doctor to see  what Life-Line™ had done for her. They found she only needed to take  50% of the vitamins and minerals she had normally taken.

A Texas lady lost one of her cats to sickness and others appeared to be  ill. She took two of them to a veterinarian and was told they had an  immune deficiency, about the same as AIDS in humans. She was told that  she would lose all of them. She started the cats on Life-Line™ and they  all recovered.

My husband and I are so thrilled with the results of using the Indian  Herb and the Life-Line™ Water. As I had told you Denny has cancer of the  throat which was growing out of control . After taking the Indian Herb  and the Life-Line™ Water for two weeks, the MRI showed that the cancer  had stopped growing. We are very positive that with continuing the  Indian Herb and Life-Line™ Water it will free the body of cancer. We  will keep you informed of how he is doing. Everyone we talk to wants to  know what we are doing and we tell them about the Indian Herb and the  Life-Line™ Water. Thank you, Dianne H., Glendale, Arizona

A lady from Texas told of her daughter being healed from cancer by  drinking Life-Line™ water. " Since using the Indian Herb and Life-Line™  water, my cervical cancer is gone and all tests are coming back NORMAL".

My daughter has Lupus and when taking the Indian Herb once a day (rolled  up in bread) and drinking just three glasses of Life-Line™ water, her  symptoms disappeared. Lupus patients have the red “butterfly marks”  across their cheeks as well as localized balding, severe to moderate  fatigue, joint aches and are prone to infections.  While she is on the  Indian Herb and Life-Line™ water she does wonderfully …. She has more  energy, no fatigue, her hair grows back and the other symptoms simply aren’t there.  Another of my daughters was told she’d have to have her gall-bladder taken out from gall stone attacks. We started her on Indian  Herb and a stomach remedy and she has NO attacks and no more pain. She  can now eat spicy foods too. Thanks SO-O much! Sandy of Florida.

I was found with prostate cancer in October of 1991 – took radiation –  35 treatments and after that have been taking your water – can not  remember when I started taking it, but anyway, the PSA (blood test) that  I take every three (3) months has been at a safe level 1.5-1.7-1.5 plus  a shot I get. My urologist says whatever it is you are taking or doing –  keep doing it, this October will be ten (10) years. Thank you sir for  the water. Thank you, A. Apodaca of New Mexico

Since I was a small kid I have loved to be out in the sun and many  times, unfortunately, I was overexposed. Consequently, I developed three  skin cancers on my face.  A close friend of mine had acquired through  his sister an amount of your herbal formula. I applied the paste to the  skin lesions and they were completely removed, much to my delight and  satisfaction. Sincerely, L. Dolezal of Washington

I have shared the herb story with many these past months, and have used  them much this summer. I am not supposed to go out in the sun without  long sleeves, but it was so hot this past summer, long sleeves were out.  I had some places come up on my arms and face and I treated them with  the herbs and all turned out well. Folks have a hard time believing the  stories I tell them about the water and the herbs; I think they are a  little skeptical or leery, but when I show them the places where I used  the herbs, they become interested! We know, don’t we, what they will do!  Sincerely, T. Haralson of Texas

We had excellent results on Lyme’s Disease and a relative had a prolapsed colon it cleared that up. Mrs. Daniel of Wisconsin

Mable M., of Texas was a diabetic and every time she took her medication  it made her feel sick. After using Life-Line™ for one year, Mabel  returned to the doctor to check the medication dosage. The doctor could  not find any need for continuing the medication.

In 1972 J. Franks of New Mexico was sent home from the hospital with a  blood disease. The doctors told him they had done everything they knew  to do. Mr. Franks said there wasn’t a place in his body that didn’t feel  pain. He started drinking Life-Line™ He refilled his gallon jug 3 to 5  times daily because he used Life-Line™ with everything he drank –  coffee, tea and all water. Six weeks later he appeared to be in  excellent health. His wife stated, “He has not been this good since we  were first married.”

W.C. Wheatley of New Mexico had high cholesterol and a severe heart  attack forced him to sell his business. He started using Life-Line™ and  six months later the doctor gave him a clean bill of health – no  cholesterol. His wife has been using Life-Line™ for a number of years as  it has a beneficial effect on her arthritis and general health. The  Wheatley’s buy Life-Line™ by the case and use it as their only source of  water.

This is a birthday gift for a friend. I will order for me later. It has  helped her over a heavy lung infection. God’s blessing on your work.  Sarah C., of Kansas

I lost Melinda Easter day with cancer but she took the herb, Life-Line™  and lived ten years after having breast cancer. I wanted you to know  that the Life-Line™ water pulled the fluid off her lungs and she didn’t  choke as much. We think she died of a heart attack, because it happened  so sudden. She is a great loss to the family and we are really missing  her. Maybe knowing that the water helped her by pulling the fluid off it  could help other people. Thank you. Delma D., of Oklahoma

I have given the information (Indian Herb) to several people around  Stanton and Big Spring. I used it on a brother-in-law. It was a long  existing spot on his back that had started to get bigger (kind of mole  looking). It reacted and took it off. We have good pictures of the  progression. Woodie C., of Athens, Texas

I am writing to let you know what happened with me and X after I talked  to you last. My husband became very concerned and thought I should see a  doctor. He made an appointment and took me. The spot where I had put  the X was bleeding and oozing slightly and was painful, but not coming  out as I thought it should, or maybe I hadn’t applied it long enough the  second time, or waited long enough for it to work.  It looked bad and  when the doctor examined me, I told him I had applied a drawing salve  and pulled it out that far, breaking the skin. There was no sign of skin  eruption before applying the drawing salve, but he didn’t believe me.   He drew some fluid from the area on the breast and sent it to the lab to  be tested. He was sure it was malignant and should be removed  immediately. Well I didn’t do anything, but continued taking X each day.  . . . my husband convinced me I had better have surgery.  So I did.   They did a biopsy, said it was malignant and removed the whole breast . . . and sent them into the state for analysis. The report came back  negative.  In my own mind I feel it was not necessary to remove the  whole breast and am sure X worked. I just didn’t give it enough time.  And I am disgusted that now I am disfigured because of it. I plan to  take another 14 days round of X and continue the water. Vera A., of  Michigan