Indian Herb / Black Salve

4 Herbs, Unlimited Health Benefits

 Indian Herb Testimonials

The following are experiences reported by users of the Indian Herb  compound and “Life-Line™” Catalytic Activated Energy Water.  Some of  these stories are decades old, and the same family is still making these  incomparable products.

Ted Pitman of Oklahoma was born with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. He would  sleep all day and drag all day, people said that he was lazy. His wife  was our minister’s daughter 20 years ago and in May she came to us and  explained his problem. She wanted to start him on our Life-Line™ and  Indian Herb. Several of her neighbors had told her that their allergies  had been helped by the treatment. Ted told us in November that he also  had ulcers at the time and he had to take a dose of his ulcer medication  prior to taking a dose of the Indian Herb. He said that within 1 week  his ulcers were helped and that in September he had a blood test and no  trace of the fatigue syndrome was found. His statement is, when I get up  in the morning I am ready to work. No trace of fatigue after 40 years  of suffering.

In 1994, Kathryn Collier of New Mexico wrote her husband was diagnosed  with throat cancer in October 1992. He started on the Indian Herb and  Life-Line™ and by December 1993 X-rays could not detect any cancer.

In 1987 our minister’s mother was operated on for brain cancer and in  1988 it started to grow again. They told her that all they could do was  give her Chemo-pills. The medication upset her stomach so badly that she  could not leave the house and she had no control over her kidneys or  bowels. At the time she lived in North Carolina and her son, Jim  Hollifield was there and called me to ask what they should do. I  suggested they start her on Life-Line™ for 3 days and then begin the  Indian Herb. Within 30 days the doctors could find no trace of the  cancer. She drove her car from North Carolina to Felt, Oklahoma by  herself.

In October, Craig Dunn of New York called and stated that he had seen Lupus helped as well as Leukemia.

Von Keeth came by in 1979 to take a gallon of Life-Line™ and a vial of  the Indian Herb to his brother in Texas who had lung cancer and was  given 2-3 months to live. Von said he thought he was not going to be  able to get his brother to take them because he was already going around  telling everyone goodbye. He did use them and 60 days later went for a  checkup and the doctor could find nothing. Louie said he would not tell  them what he had done. He tells me that he now takes 21 does, twice a  year and drinks Life-Line™ all the time. I’ll never get in that  condition again, says Louie.

Eight months ago, Joe Ruth was told by his doctor, that they had done  all they could for lung and liver cancer. He asked if they could operate  and remove the infected parts and they said no. A neighbor, who had  tried Life-Line™ and the Indian Herb for their own problems, suggested  Joe try them. On November 13th, Joe called to say that after being on  the Life-Line™ and the Indian Herb he went to his doctor for a checkup  and that he was free from cancer.??After having surgery for breast  cancer, Dolores Lyke of Albuquerque tried Life-Line™ and took the Indian  Herb twice daily after meals, to help balance and clean her system. She  says that she felt a great increase in energy within the first 2 days.  She has periodic blood work done and it was noted that many areas showed  improvement.

In March a lady called from Missouri telling me that her teenage  daughter had been diagnosed with incurable cancer. She put her daughter  on Life-Line™ and the Indian Herb and she is now regained her health. 
 March 1998, I  received a letter from Mrs. Vera Thomas that her daughter was told she  had 3 months to live, at most. Nineteen years has passed and she is  still doing great after taking Life-Line™ and the Indian Herb.
 Carol Mai of Texas  wrote to say thanks so much for Life-Line™ and the Indian Herb. I feel  better than I have in ages and have only been on this for 19 days. It  has helped my kidneys and I have lost 20 pounds. (I know a lot of it was  fluid.) I can’t keep my rings on.
 Lois Rolland of  Texas had Leukemia and doctors told her it was incurable. She says that  when she gets up in the morning, she takes a dose of the Indian Herb and  drinks Life-Line™." width="88"/>
Blood Root (Indian Paint)
Yellow dock
Zinc Chloride
Lifeline Water

The Indian Herb is a perfectly balanced vitamin and mineral substance  which is not harmful to the body in any way. It balances the metabolism  and any blood disorders. It is a dark, semi-liquid paste. The herbal  paste may be taken orally or applied directly to surface tumors, cancers  or used as a “preventative/maintenance” health aid.

The Indian Herb helps the body while the person comes to terms with  their attitudes and changes direction. The Indian Herb is not a gentle  healer. In most reported cases, it is a relentless substance which hunts  down and penetrates all abnormal tissue. Pain, swelling and sometimes  fever is associated during its use.  The following recommendations are  based on what the majority of users have found so far to be effective.  These recommendations describe the absolute MINIMUM doses that people  have found to be effective. It cannot be stressed enough – The Indian  Herb is very potent. Do not assume that if a little works, more will be  better. USE THE SMALLEST DOSE POSSIBLE, and increase only if it truly  seems necessary to you. Otherwise you will endure far more pain than  necessary, and extend the healing period much longer than necessary.   The Indian Herb helps the body while the person comes to terms with  their attitudes and changes direction. The Indian Herb is not a gentle  healer. In most reported cases, it is a relentless substance which hunts  down and penetrates all abnormal tissue. Pain, swelling and sometimes  fever is associated during its use.

Keep the Indian Herb in a dark, cool place. Do not refrigerate.
Use only clean wooden or plastic utensils when “dipping into the vial.”
If the Indian Herb dries out, don’t worry. Simply add a little  “Life-Line™ Water” and mix well to re-hydrate. The Indian Herb won’t  lose its potency.
Keep the container sealed when not in use and the contents will keep quite well.

If a person has “Bone Cancer” use .15 grams
If a person has other types of cancer use .12 grams
If you don’t have access to measuring devices/scales, use the following  “eye-ball” method. A light dose would look about the size of a wooden  kitchen match-head or a little less than one half of a dried English pea  in volume. A heavy dose would be about the same size as a whole English  pea. When in doubt, start small and increase the dosage as needed.
Internal. The most common method of taking Indian Herb is by mouth. Buy  #4 “gel-caps” at your local pharmacy or health food store; pull the  capsule apart and insert the suggested dosage into the small end of the  capsule. You may or may not need to reassemble the capsule, depending on  your personal preference.

Side Effects If you ingest the  Indian Herb on an empty stomach, it is almost guaranteed to cause a  stomach ache and severe nausea. Either “wrap” the dose in a small piece  of bread or take the Indian Herb after eating.

External If treating skin  cancer or external tumors, mix .3 grams with 4-ounces of petroleum  jelly. Mix well. Cover the area of the cancer/tumor with this  preparation. This may sting or burn initially. An alternative treatment  is to cover the area with a coat of petroleum jelly and place a single  dot of Indian Herb in the middle of the affected area. Cover with a  loose bandage. This procedure is explained in-depth in the section  Treating Surface (External) Tumors/Cancers.

Health Maintenance or Preventative Measure
Take one dose a day for 3-5 days to help strengthen your immune system. Use when the flu or a virus is going around.
Remember:  There is no guarantee since every person is different.

Recommended Treatments
The Indian Herb and Life-Line Water™ have been used successfully for  many years to combat everything from fatigue to brain cancer. As with  nearly everything in the world, there are no absolute guarantees. When  dealing with sickness of any kind it pays to look beyond the obvious  symptoms to the underlying causes. This program can greatly benefit your  body’s immune system and help restore the balance needed to fight  against every day stress and exposure to the “bugs” that get us all  down.

The following guidelines are offered for the application of “The Indian  Herb” in treating various types of cancers both external and internal.

Treating Surface (External) Tumors/Cancers

This is how people have used The Indian Herb on external growths:

Clean the area of abnormal growth well. Cover the visible surface of the  mole or cancer with a thin layer of petroleum jelly. Apply a small dot  of the Indian Herb in the center of the affected area or if you prefer,  mix both petroleum jelly and the Indian Herb together and cover the  visible surface of the affected area. Next, cover with a clean bandage  for 8 hours. The area will begin to burn and redden. After 8 hours, wash  the Indian Herb application from the skin and apply another thin layer  of petroleum jelly; cover with a clean bandage.

The application area will become very red and irritated. The redness may  extend 1/2 to 1 inch from the area that you treated. You may see  “streaks” similar to blood poisoning. Don’t become alarmed, it is not  blood poisoning. The Indian Herb is tracing out the infected area and  drawing the poison back into the nucleus. It will make a hard core,  similar to the core of a boil – hard and rubbery. The redness will  diminish and a white ring will begin to appear around the nucleus. It  will look similar to a pus-pocket, but it is not. Between the fifth and  seventh day, a white ring will start to separate from the healthy tissue  and become very loose.
Approximately 24 hours later, wash off the petroleum jelly and apply  another thin layer of The Indian Herb to the growth and cover the area  with a clean bandage for another 8 hours.

Usually after the second application the growth itself is dead. The  growth will become more painful as the body begins to eject its dying  tissue. Swelling often occurs. The growth can swell up to twice its  normal size while the area may experience minimal swelling. The growth  may lighten in color after the first day and then re-darken slightly or  become “dead white.”

The core will not come out unless the whole mole or cancer is dead and  detached from the healthy tissue. Then and only then will it come out  intact. There will be no need for surgery. Wash out the cavity with  hydrogen peroxide and examine the pink tissue. You will see small holes  where the root system came out. Keep the cavity filled with petroleum  jelly and covered with a loose bandage.
More than two applications do not seem necessary as more applications cause increased pain and longer healing time.

The body’s healing signs. There may be a low or medium grade fever; the  growth and the area around the growth may swell; the growth may be  painful and tender and, on occasions, pus may form under and around the  growth as the body pushes it away. It is essential to keep the affected  area covered with new, clean and daily applications of petroleum jelly  and clean bandages. For most people, in about 10 days the body  completely pushes out the dead growth and the fever disappears. Resist  the temptation to pick at the dead tissue or to hasten its separation.  Let the body do it. Otherwise the growth may come back in the same spot.

During the next 10 days, or as long as it takes, the body will fill in  the cavity with either healthy tissue or scar tissue, depending on the  individual’s body chemistry and health. Continue washing the area well  each day and re-apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly and cover with a  clean bandage. Tenderness may be present in the area up to 6 months;  although for most people, by the 20th day mark, the cavity is completely  re-grown with non-mole or non-cancerous tissue.  During the first  month, it is wise to assist the body’s healing process with other means.  This may include drinking a catalyst-altered water like Life-Line™  which normalizes cells. These waters assist cells to expel toxins and  take in nutrients more efficiently throughout the body.

A full complement of vitamins and supplements is often a useful way to  nourish your recovery, as well as obtaining enough rest, reducing  stress, shifting attitudes toward self-care and eating wholesome,  non-refined organic foods.

If you refrain from alcohol and caffeine, the body will heal more  rapidly because these stimulants destroy B vitamins and wear out the  immune system. Do not use pain killers or drink alcohol while using the  Indian Herb. Do not use the Indian Herb if you are doing chemotherapy.  You must be completely off chemotherapy for at least two weeks before  using the Indian Herb.

In many cases of removing external growths and cancers, people report  that even though large masses of tissue was ejected from the body, even  to the point of revealing the muscle structure below, bleeding did not  occur and the body completely filled in the area where the growth had  been.  During the ejection and re-growth phase, it is essential to keep  the area clean and sealed with petroleum jelly.
 It is not intended  for this page to offer medical advice or to recommend avoidance of  medical professionals.  It is merely intended to provide information  & a superior product to those who suffer from pain, in one or many  of its forms, and are seeking alternative or complementary treatment  ideas using herbs and other natural substances.  This product is not  intended to diagnose or cure any disease & not all of these  statements have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. 

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